warm essentials apartment.

Focusing on the loose furniture in earthy tones, the beige apartment is influenced by ‘warm essentials’ aesthetics, with a hint of the country style. By blending cement shades and warm wooden colours with the beige background, colour layers are developed. Beige hues spread through the kitchen, alongside patterned wall tiles and countertops.

Through the wallpaper with grey leaf patterns, the bedroom is decorated by minimalist country elements. Leather straps are also added to the headboard to enhance the country style. Meanwhile, the curved corner embraces the desk and creates a sense of being cradled to the comfy space. In the child’s room, a multi-functional sitting area is applied, which enables the parents to accompany the child during study time and bedtime.

Size : 661 sq ft

Year : 2021

Location : Garden Vista, Sha Tin